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    Dis n Dat specialises in designing handmade wedding cards, corporate cards, special cards, gift hampers and promotional items.

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14 years
Over 400,000 Cards!

Dis n Dat started in 1998 and has several years of experience designing invitation cards, season's greetings cards, order of service / programme booklets, hamper packaging, favour boxes and many more. We create designs for any occasion.

Our products include;

  • Weddings: Invitations, introduction cards, order of service booklets and favor boxes
  • Corporate: Invitations, season's greetings cards, gift hampers and promotional items
  • General: Birthday, thank you, anniversary, congragulations cards and just about any card you have in mind

Our clientele

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Some of our clients are Bank of Uganda, MTN Uganda, Monitor Publications, Capital Radio, Motorcare, Metro News, Good African Coffee, PNN Uganda.

We spend considerable time on research of new ideas and  art and design techniques. We make the time to let your brand or personal style speak into our work.

Our philosophy

There are no two individuals exactly alike. Because we understand that everyone has their own style, we design with you in mind. Your personality, your taste, your colours, your occasion. We want to be true to who you are and portray you in your best light. Sharing who you are with your community. We understand that our designs contribute to the mood that you are trying to create. That is why we custom make our designs. 

We use a variety of materials and techniques and you are invited to combine these and inspire us. Think of different paper qualities, different print techniques, uniquely cut or curved shapes, additional details like buttons, bows, imagery, special envelopes, etcetera.

Our process

  1. First consultation for gathering information and understanding what you would like.
  2. Design process: We like to start with what you have in mind and then show you some possible ways of presenting it. We present our first samples and request you to make comments for improvement.
  3. Final Sample: We request for the client to view the final sample with any of the principle decision makers for the occasion.
  4. Price is calculated based on number of cards, quality and price of materials and complexity of the design.
  5. Placing the Order: On Agreement of both design and price, an order is placed with a deposit or a Local Purchase order. Production begins, We monitor and control quality at every stage.
  6. Final payment is made by client on pick up or delivery of work or according to Local Purchase Order terms agreed.


Dis n' Dat is owned and managed by Pendo and Ssuubi. Both women are driven by the passion to create a product that requires high creativity and skill, as well as the drive to create employment for youth and women in Uganda.



We have an outstanding staff team, who have made a huge contribution to what Dis n' Dat  is. By offering training and on job coaching, Dis n' Dat has been able to teach a number of youth various skills that improve their lives. This is not only in the creative departments of production and design where we teach staff to push the limits of innovation.

We also train staff in various administrative skills, to build systems that are robust and continuously improving. Some youth move on and create their own businesses and some find other jobs to continue personal development. Dis N Dat provides flexible schedules to those youth who want to work and study while at Dis N Dat. In addition values like honesty, reliability and hard work are not only taught but demonstrated to the youth.